A Brief Summary of the Science By David B. Farley, M.D.                           


8ightplus technology rests on the integration of three key concepts: (1) The body's meridian system, (2) Scalar wave technology, and (3) Storage and transfer of Energy and Data. The result of combining these three concepts creates a break-through system that naturally stimulates meridian points without penetrating the skin to improve wellness in many ways.

The 3 pillars of 8ightplus Technology

The Meridian System

For over 3,500 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been based on the flow of energy (Qi) through channels in the body (meridians). Health can be compromised when the flow of this energy is altered or impeded. Balancing Qi through the body's meridian system is believed to restore health and wellness to the whole body.

Scalar Wave Technology

Scalar waves possess properties unlike other wave forms such as light waves, sound waves, radio waves, etc. Scalar waves are special three-dimensional waves that possess the ability to carry both energy and data. Our cells communicate with each other using natural scalar waves.

Through a proprietary process we program our products by producing scalar waves in harmony with specific energy and data. The scalar waves record an energy and a data blueprint, and program it into the discs. The data and energy used in our various discs are all different, but the process of charging them with harmonic scalar waves is the same.

Nicola Tesla was the first physicist to predict and document scalar waves. Tesla was born in Serbia and immigrated to the United States in 1884 where he became a world-renowned physicist and engineer that devoted most of his career to the study of electricity and electromagnetism. He invented alternating electric current, fluorescent light bulbs, the radio, and the induction motor, amongst other things that affect our everyday lives. In his later years he first theorized and then proved that electricity could be transmitted wirelessly via longitudinal scalar waves.

The contemporary physicist who has probably done the most to advance Tesla's theories is Konstantin Meyl from Germany. He has also demonstrated the wireless transmission of electricity through scalar waves and has developed a theory and mathematical formula to explain the theory.


The Storage and Transfer of Energy and Data

Holograms are known to efficiently store data, including three-dimensional data. When charged hologram discs are properly placed over meridian points, the data and energy stored in the disc is recognized and received by the body's meridian system. The result is a balanced flow of Qi and improved wellness.