Frequently Asked Questions - Data Disc

How does 8ightPlus™ work?
Like a computer disc or music disc, information using cutting edge technology is stored on each hologram. When the hologram is applied to your body or clothing, it enters your body's BioField. Once the disc, which looks like a nickel-sized silver sticker, is in your energy field your body can access the information stored on the hologram using signal transduction by way of a thermal sync effect. The energy field becomes the carrier wave for the accessed information in stimulating the acupressure point just as needles would do in acupuncture. In addition, the thermal sync also provides temperature variance over and under the hologram that creates an energetic effect on the acupuncture point.

How long will the holograms last?
The 8ightPlus™ holograms will not lose their programming unless they are damaged or have been consumed entirely.

How long does it take to feel the effects?
The effects show up on machine testing and with kinesiology testing immediately! Individuals vary in the feeling effect generally based on how hydrated they are. 8ightPlus™ customers may notice better balance, strength, and flexibility immediately after putting on the hologram or wrist bands Powered By 8ightPlus. Other additional effects can take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours to feel. Results will vary.

Is 8ightPlus™ safe?
Absolutely! 8ightPlus™ is not a drug or substance, nothing is being ingested or absorbed into the body, and no harmful radiation is being emitted. 8ightPlus™ will not interfere with any medical devices (ex: pace makers) and 8ightPlus™ is completely safe to wear. It is recommended to not to be worn during pregnancy.

Who can wear 8ightPlus™?
Anyone and everyone even animals!

When should I wear bands Powered By 8ightPlus™ Technology? Are there times I shouldn't wear it?
8ightPlus™ can be worn 24/7! There are no restrictions on wearing 8ightPlus™, bands, but most customers obtain optimal results when removing at night for a natural reset of the body's bioelectric field.

Can 8ightPlus™ get wet?
Yes! In fact, 8ightPlus™ products are great for water sports and activities! Many 8ightPlus™ customers are swimmers, surfers, wake boarders, and divers. Again, there are no restrictions on wearing 8ightPlus™ products.

Is there a certain way 8ightPlus™ needs to be worn for it to work properly?
As long as the hologram is within your bioelectric field or 1 inch of your body, it will function properly. However, for optimal results, place the hologram close to an acupuncture point (wrist, ankle, back, etc.), either on your skin or clothing.

Are the 8ightPlus™ holograms like magnets?
8ightPlus™ products are not magnets, nor are they magnetic in any way. Magnets create their own electric field and only one field, whereas 8ightPlus™ holograms use numerous algorithms and signals that are programmed into a holographic conductive material to tune your body's natural occurring bioelectric field.

What are the holograms made out of?
The holograms are made out of a specially layered form of material generally referred to as Mylar (most people are familiar with Mylar from the metallic balloons that are made out of the same material). There are many uses in the medical field, and with satellites.

What is the difference between 8ightPlus™ and other similar technologies (magnets, titanium, etc.)?
Only 8ightPlus™ products can show you an immediate result that is much stronger than other products on the market. The reason is that a different type of longitudinal scalar wave is used in programming that carries numerous waves of information and energy in the same wave form. Other products, metal or magnetic based, or radionics holograms, will only show results in a more limited way due to limits in the signalling process. Radionics sends a disbursed wave that cannot be focused like longitudinal waves and radionics machines cannot be programmed as effectively as longitudinal wave devices which can originate as a Hz frequency that can be measured. In addition, few of the other products on the market have any machine testing, which 8ightPlus™ bases all results on.

In late 2006, 8ightPlus™ was the only holographic signalling technology found in the market. The original 8ightPlus™ holograms were developed for Power Balance wrist bands, and were withdrawn due to differences of opinion on claims. When evaluating holographic products, our advice is to look at the company's websites and see if there are specific examples of how the technology works. If you see broad claims of quantum physics history with no specific examples, there is no technology, and the product is most likely a marketing ploy or copycat with no technology and examples to back up their claims. If you do not see Powered By 8ightPlus on the band, it is likely not powered at all.

Can I wear multiple 8ightPlus™ holograms/products at once?
Of course! It does not hurt to wear multiple holograms. However, we recommend that you do not wear more than 5 at a time. Also, consider wearing the wristband on your left wrist which is known as your most energetic side.